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Epilogue - Scarlet and the Sheriff

This is an epilogue to Scarlet and the Sheriff. I hope you enjoy it!

“That’s a nude beach in there.” Rand pointed to a wooden fence forming a small stockade on the sandy beach of Lake Monndsee.

“How do you know?” Scarlet tore her gaze from the cool blue, mountain lined lake to eye the fence. She wouldn’t have associated nude beaches with the Austrian Alps.

“As soon as the concierge found out we were honeymooners, he mentioned it.” Rand grinned with that wicked look in his gray eyes that told her exactly what he was thinking. And it definitely involved her getting nude.

Not that she minded that. But in public? Though the brown log fence formed a square on three sides, the fourth side was open to the lake. The fence reached down to where the water lapped the shore, but, if a person didn’t mind a wade in the shallows, they could certainly walk by the enclosure.

“Come on, babe.” Rand dropped his arm around her shoulder, guiding her towards the door in the side of the fence. “You’re the adventurous one. I’m the law and order guy. So if I can do it, you can.”

Excitement began to thrum deep inside her as Rand unlatched the door. A little bell chimed, presumably to warn occupants of visitors. But when Scarlet stepped through the doorway, she saw immediately that the enclosed area was empty except for a dozen full-length lounge chairs facing the lake.

“Perfect,” Rand said, glancing around. “This late in the afternoon, maybe we’ll be undisturbed.”

Scarlet spread the blue and white striped towels provided by the hotel onto two lounge chairs. She sat down sideways on the chair, facing Rand’s seat.

“We’re supposed to get undressed,” Rand said, winking at her.

“Oh, I intend to.” Scarlet licked her lips slowly. “After you do.”

“Okay.” Rand shrugged and pulled his navy t-shirt over his head. His tanned chest gleamed in the late afternoon sun and Scarlet shoved her hands under her thighs to keep from reaching for him.

“Keep going,” she said.

His hands were already on his belt. He quickly unbuckled it and moved to his zipper.

“I went commando.” He pushed down his jeans and she had to stifle a moan as his half-erect cock came into view. He kicked away his shorts and sat down on his chaise, grinning at her. “Your turn.”

“In a minute.” She stood up and moved over to him. “Lie down.” She pressed lightly on his shoulders, pushing him back to rest on the half-reclined chaise. She lifted his legs up, pausing briefly to caress his rough, hair-covered calf muscles. He stretched his long legs. He smelled so good she almost succumbed to the temptation to lie down on top of him. But, not yet.

“Feels good, babe.”

She smiled as she moved to the foot of his chair. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Standing just out of his reach, she began unbuttoning her white silk blouse, one slow button at a time. With every button she released, Rand’s cock rose another inch. She flicked her gaze from his face, where a red flush was deepening along his cheekbones, to his cock, which tempted her almost beyond her ability to withstand it.

A cool breeze blew off the lake, freshening the warm air and ruffling Rand’s short black hair.

Scarlet reached the last button, checking to see that Rand’s gaze was fixed on her before she opened her shirt to expose her breasts. Widening her stance, she placed one leg on either side of the chaise and leaned over Rand. “Enjoying the show?” she asked.

“Babe.” He sucked in a breath. “The idea is to enjoy the chance to be naked in the sun. Not to torture me.”

“Is this really torture?” She tossed back her hair and lifted one hand, letting her fingers trail over her breast.

“We can’t have sex in here.”


She tossed her blouse onto the towel. “I wonder if you can control yourself.”

His eyes glommed onto her breasts. “Lose the bra.” His deep voice vibrated in a low growl.

She pulled off the bra, leaned over further and shimmied her naked breasts for a few seconds.

He moaned. “God, Scarlet. You’re killing me now. Stop.”

“But I’m not finished, Rand.” She stepped back to the end of the chaise again. “Do you think I’m wearing panties?”

“If you are, get rid of them.”

“You’re stealing my thunder, Rand. I wanted to tease you a bit more.” But she reached under her short pink miniskirt and slithered her transparent panties down her long legs. Rand’s gaze tracked every move she made.

She stepped out of the scrap of silk and straightened up. “That sun does feel good.” She trailed her hands once more over her breasts.

“Scarlet. You need to stop now.”

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” She giggled, though, inside, she was trembling with need. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this up. The warm sun caressed her like a lover, Rand’s eyes burned her with intensity, and the sight of his cock, thick and full, pointing straight up with need, enticed her beyond belief. She wanted to touch him more than she wanted to do anything but tease him some more.

“I’ll count to ten.” He leaned forward, and even his teeth looked tense. “If that skirt isn’t on the deck, I’ll take it off myself.”

“So impatient, dear husband.”


She dropped a hand to the bottom of her skirt and began to inch the material upwards.

“Two.” He snapped out the word.

She pulled up a little higher, to reveal the top of her thighs.

“Three…” His hands clenched into fists by his side.

“I don’t know if I can take it off, Rand.” Playing with him, she glanced around, as if wondering if they had observers. “Someone could peek through the slats in the fence.” She hid a smile as she watched his thigh muscles tighten.

“Four…” He dropped his legs to either side of the chaise, and she forgot to move.

“Five…” All she could focus on were his open thighs with his balls pulled up tight to his body. She couldn’t breathe.


He sprang, vaulting off the chaise and grabbing her around the waist.

“Eeeeek! You cheated!”

“I won.” He nipped her ear, holding her firmly with one hand while the other stripped off her skirt. “I have to do something about this hard-on before someone comes in here.” He gestured to his body. “You going to help me out?”

He was already guiding her over to her chaise and pushing her back on the cushions.

“You said we can’t have sex here,” she gasped. The way she felt, she might erupt in orgasm with one touch.

“Changed my mind.” He pushed her legs wide and knelt between them. “You planning to say no?” He brushed his hands over her breasts. “You look pretty turned on yourself.” He eyed her puckered nipples.

“Someone…ah…” She lost her train of thought as he played with her nipples.

“Someone—” He raised an eyebrow, and she could see his eyes laughing.

“Could come in!” She gasped out the words as her back arched off the chair.

“They could.” He pushed himself down the chaise and lowered his head to her crotch. “Think about that while I’m enjoying you.” He pressed his mouth to her and began licking.

She dropped her arms over the side of the lounge, arched her back and, within seconds, her cries of release spilled into the sunlit enclosure.

“Jesus, Scarlet.” Rand lifted his head, laughing. “You trying to attract an audience?”

“Hurry, Rand.” She reached down to him. “I want you.”

“Ah, those are the words every husband wants to hear.” He scooted up the chaise, dropped his mouth onto hers, and plunged into her welcoming body.

The bell on the enclosure door chimed.

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