Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Demon Plays with Angel

The demon stepped into the dimly lit neonatal intensive care unit. “Good evening, Angel,” he said softly.

The angel looked up from where she was bent over a stainless steel barred crib. “What brings you here, Demon? This is no place for one of your kind.”

“I saw you fly in, Angel. My…appetite was whetted.”

“Take yourself and your appetites elsewhere. I’m busy.”

“The place is deserted.” He glanced around. Emptiness pooled in the corners of the room, reaching its sly fingers towards the one occupied crib. Soft lights haloed the angel and a very still, tightly swaddled baby. The blue and white cap on the baby’s head advertised his sex. The snaking tubes and softly beeping machines signaled his trouble.

“The obstetrical unit of this hospital is closing due to high malpractice rates.” The angel turned back to her task, leaning over the crib again. “This is the last baby born here.”

Demon almost missed her words, focused as he was on her shapely ass outlined by the pale gray uniform that blended so well with the gray hospital walls. Real nurses never wore dresses any more, but her glamour provided both an effective disguise, and an irresistible lure. This angel knew exactly what she was doing.

“That nurse glamour is oddly sexy, dear Angel.”

“Yes,” she snapped, turning back to glare at him. “We angels know how you demons like to get your purity fix every so often.”

He laughed. “Too true, sweetheart. It does cleanse the palate, so to speak.” He let his gaze wander over her, knowing his bold perusal would start a fire simmering within her. “And we demons,” he drawled, “know you angels need some lovin’ from a bad guy every so often to light you up.” He checked out her shiny brown hair, her wide-spaced gray eyes, her smallish, but determined nose, and her generous mouth. Cute. Adorably cute. He had to have her.

“Hush, Demon.” She turned away from him. “Your voice is too deep. It disturbs the baby.”

He moved to the other side of the crib so he could face her. Now he could savor the sight of her pert breasts, her narrow waist and gently flaring hips. Utterly delectable. His cock ached.

He nodded at the crib. “How much longer ‘til you’re done with the baby?”

“Must you sound so uncaring?”

“I’m a demon, darling. It’s not my job to care.” He grinned at her anger. It would only stoke her appetite.

“I’m not interested in whatever you might be offering tonight.” Her gray eyes snapped at him, told him to go, but her pointy nipples signaled him as effectively as the beeping machines.

“I think you lie, Angel.” He stepped closer, touched her hand that was smoothing the air over the baby’s head. He inhaled deeply to absorb her sparkly-star scent.

"Don’t touch me when I’m helping the baby. I’m determined to save him.”

Demon gestured to the multiple wires, the beeping, winking machines. “You can see mankind is having trouble with this one. And you don’t have the power of life and death.”

“Nevertheless, I intend to try.”

Two parents pushed open the door and rushed into the nursery, followed by a nurse. Demon grabbed a lab coat from a wall hook and he and Angel melted into the far shadows of the partially lit room.

The distraught parents noticed only their baby, as they bent over the crib. The mother cried softly, hope still trembling inside her tears. The father stood there grim and tense, trying to remain stoic in the face of the pain he knew hurtled towards them.

Demon slid his arm around his Angel’s waist. He leaned close to whisper in her ear. “Let the baby go now. Then we can play.”

“No!” Her angry whisper flayed him. “Go bother some other female. I inhabit the same realm you do. So I’m immune to your charms and glamour. Not like those poor mortal women you love to enrapture.”

“Come on.” He touched the back of her neck, stroking her as only a demon knew how to do. “I’m hotter than hell.” He laughed. “And I know exactly how hot hell is.”

She shivered, weakening, but not falling. “No.” She shrugged off his hand. “It’s a baby! I can’t just ignore it.”

“That’s the point. It’s just a baby. Plenty more where that came from.” He leaned forward and pressed his mouth to the nape of her neck. Instantly, goose bumps skittered across her skin, and he grinned within the kiss. She was far from indifferent to him. He placed his hands on her shoulders, still kissing and nipping at her neck. She didn’t resist, nor say something blistering like he half expected. Encouraged, he drew his hands slowly down her sides, avoiding her breasts. He clasped her waist.

“This baby must be saved,” she whispered, her voice fierce. But she didn’t move away from him. “If he dies, it will cast an unfortunate spell over this obstetrical unit. Humans are odd about superstitions like that. The hospital will never be able to open this unit again.”

“So women will go elsewhere.” He moved his hands to her stomach and began roaming upwards.

“The next closest birthing hospital is over 100 miles away. More babies will die unnecessarily.”

He reached the underside of her breasts. “The clock has struck midnight,” he said, using a soft tone to sweeten his harsh message. “It’s Halloween. I could take the baby now, if you don’t agree to have sex with me.”

“Demon!” She whirled on him, eyes spitting her own brand of silver fire. “You’ll never touch me in this or any other world if you harm that baby!”

He grinned slowly, savoring her fury. The more she resisted, the sweeter her ultimate capitulation would be.

"I like that fierce side of you,” he said.

“I don’t like the mean side of you. Don’t threaten me, Demon. You can’t take the baby.”

“Oh, but I could. The veil between the human world and ours is at its thinnest on Halloween. It’s easy for me to reach through.”

“The days when you could get men to perform evil for you on Halloween are gone. We angels have worked hard with humans to de-fang that holiday.”

“You haven’t eliminated the ability of the spirits in our realm to move freely in the human world.”

“That’s exactly why I’m here! It’s the one day in the year I can have some influence over this baby’s fate! So go away, Demon. I don’t want you here.”

She stared him down, her gray eyes sparking determination into his. But she didn’t move when he placed his hands directly on her breasts. “You know,” he said, “it’s a terrible thing for an angel to lie.” He tried very hard not to smile.

“Stuff it, Demon.” She spoke with the right amount of outraged conviction, but her nipples stabbed his palms.

“Right here and now?” He pushed his erection against her, hard. “Turn around, and bend over the table, then.”

Too late, Demon realized their voices had risen. The nurse straightened abruptly, her sharp gaze pinning them in the corner.

“Who’s there?” she called out.

Demon strode forward. “We were asked to check on the baby. We’re discussing a course of treatment.”

The mother gasped. “Can you do anything?”

“I don’t want to raise any false hope. If you can leave us alone for a few minutes, I’ll examine him.”

The nurse shepherded the parents out of the room.

Angel moved back to the crib. “You did raise false hope, Demon,” she said sadly. “Did you see the mother?”

Demon shrugged, following her. “I warned them.”

“They don’t know you’re a demon! They don’t know you don’t care.”

“I care about you, dear Angel.”

She rolled her eyes. “I know exactly which part of me you care about.”

“The best part, sweetheart.”

She sighed. “Go away, Demon. You’re a bad influence, as you want to be.”

Swallowing hard against a pressure in his throat, he reached for her. Demons didn’t do sadness. It was time for him to make his move. Even angels needed a bad boy now and then.

He placed his mouth on hers, a touch as light as the veil itself. She froze, unsure how to respond to a tenderness she clearly didn’t expect. “Demon,” she whispered, her lips tantalizing his as they moved.

“I’ll give you the rough stuff, later.” He increased the pressure, straining to keep from forcing her mouth open. But he moved his arms around her back to hold her securely where he wanted her. Slowly, slowly, he opened his mouth and hers. When he could feel the emptiness waiting for him, when he sensed her quivering anticipation through the trembling of her arms, he moved his tongue into her warm invitation. Shuddering with pleasure, she sucked him in.

He pulled her closer, tight against his body. “Angel,” he murmured. “I want you.”

Her hands moved in his hair. “Demon.” She sighed into his mouth. “I must use this night to do what I can for the baby.”

“Fine!” He jerked himself away from her. “If it means so much to you, I’ll save the baby.”

“You can’t do that.” She stared at him, eyes wide.

“You gonna watch?”

She grabbed his arm. “Don’t tease me, Demon. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.”

“I can do it. But I need your help.”

"What do you mean?” Her hand fell away. “Is this one of your demon tricks?”

He stepped to the foot of the crib. “Your choice. Do you want to save this baby or not?”

“What do I have to do?”

“The baby needs some of my life force.” He watched her, wondering if she’d take the dare. “Move closer to me.”

Angel eyed the big demon planted before her. He vibrated with charisma and vitality. His black t-shirt and snug jeans barely contained his abundant supply of a life energy that crackled in the air around him. All demons had that excess of energy, which made them irresistible bad boys and, it had to be admitted, inventive and inexhaustible sex partners.

“Keep talking, Demon.” She tried to keep her voice expressionless. She didn’t trust him any more than she trusted an ambulance-chasing lawyer with a damning medical report.

“Even on Halloween, my life force needs to be at its maximum power to be effective.” His black eyes burned her body, undressing her once again. “The consequences of that surge of power will fall on you.” He reached for her hand, and pulled her closer.

“Demon.” She tilted her head back to look up at him. “Speak plainly.”

“Fine.” His strong teeth snapped on the word. “Get down on your knees.”

She froze, struck numb by the sudden realization of what he meant by life force. She stared at his body, which seemed to grow larger even as he stood there, strangely backlit by the dim nursery lights. She saw the smooth muscles of his upper arms limned in the golden light, his face strong and unyielding, his eyes dark and unwavering. His black hair angled across his wide brow.
“Do it, Angel,” he said, his deep voice mesmerizing her.

She dropped to her knees.

“Open my pants.”

She reached a trembling hand to his zipper, eased it down, had to stop. The button would have to be undone.

She glanced up to see his chest moving as he drew in deep breaths, exhaled them slowly. His hands clenched into fists by his hips, as she took him in hand.

“Start sucking,” he said, his voice a mere rasp.

She gasped, and he surged forward, leaning his tall frame over the crib. The tip of his penis stopped one millimeter from her lips and his scent enveloped her, the sharp fragrance of autumn leaves burning. She watched him place his big hands on the baby.

Her mind whirled as she tried to sort out her options. Was this a trick? Could he really transfer some of his life force to the baby? She’d seen the fog of death curling around the corners of the nursery. Only the blazing heat from the demon had held it at bay. She inhaled more of his scent. It drew her as mysteriously as her purity drew him.

Ultimately, she had no choice. She was unable to resist the potent lure he offered. She opened her mouth and took him in. He groaned, loudly, and hardened even more, pushing back on her throat.

“Sweet angel,” he murmured. “So sweet. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” His thighs tightened, he jerked in her mouth, and she tensed for the deluge. Surely, he couldn’t hold back a hard explosion. She licked, moved up and down on his shaft, listened to his groans of pleasure.

But it was the monotonous beeping from the medical machinery that exploded suddenly. Beep! Beep! Beep! Sound ricocheted around her head and lights flashed in warning.

Demon yanked himself out of her mouth. “It’s done,” he shouted, reaching for his pants. “Get to the door!”

She stumbled to her feet, confused and shaken. She managed to reach the door just as a nurse came rushing through. The parents followed, hope and fear intermingling on their faces.

“Doctor?” The nurse tried to stop them. “What has happened?”

“Get the pediatrician!” Demon shouted. “The baby is stirring!”

Angel felt something crowding behind her, pushing her. Demon. Panting. She glanced back to see his face harsh with desire. He grasped her arm and towed her through the door.

“Hurry!” he panted. “My need is immense.” He hustled her through the empty, late night corridors. She half-jogged to keep up with his long stride. They burst through the hospital doors as a long black limousine purred to a stop in front of them. Demon wrenched open the door, snapped an order at the driver, and tumbled into the back with her. Music poured out of powerful speakers, strong music with a sensuous beat. She scrambled onto the seat as Demon sprawled before her. He reached for her knees and pushed them apart. He shoved up her skirt, growling when he saw her nakedness.

“Perfect, Angel.” He leaned in and his mouth found her. His tongue, strong and sure, flicked over her. Over and over, as she gasped with pleasure. He switched to sucking. She began thrashing on the seat, heedless of anything but the magic he wove upon her. He slapped one big hand on her hips to hold her in place. His other hand moved between her legs, and his fingers pushed into her. She came instantly.

Demon lifted his head and pushed her back onto the seat. He threw one leg over her as he wrenched open his pants. He grabbed her hair, lowered his lips to hers, and pushed into her while she still vibrated.

She tried to scream, but he filled her everywhere. His tongue. His cock. She bowed upwards to clasp him more tightly. Tighter and tighter. Would it ever be enough?

His hands moved over her in a frenzy. His harsh breathing filled the car. “Again, Angel,” he panted. “Keep coming. I won’t be stopping for a long time.” An electric guitar growled from the speakers, and a pounding drum beat a staccato rhythm. Demon rode her through another orgasm before he let himself go.

They clung together for an eon.

Demon finally lifted his head. His still-hot eyes looked down on her.

He tugged her onto the floor. “It’s as soft as a mattress down here and there’s room for me to spread out.”

She slid to the floor, sinking into the plush carpeting.

Demon reached for her dress. “Get rid of this.” He swiftly removed his clothes, then pulled her naked body to his. “Can you take me in if you’re on top?” he asked.

She eyed him, hard again already. “No.”

He laughed. “Baby.” But he wrapped his arms around her and rolled her under him. “Fine. But one way or another, I’m going to be in you all night long.”

She shivered with pleasure.

He kept his promise.

When a pink dawn pushed fingers of light through the darkened windows, they finally stirred. Demon reached lazily for the intercom button and ordered the driver to stop.

Then he looked at Angel. He tweaked her nose, nibbled his way down her neck, and latched onto her breast. He sucked strongly for several minutes, until her breath panted and her back arched.

When he raised his head, his hot eyes burned with satisfaction. “Same time next month?"

She barely managed a nod.

He grinned. "Don’t be busy next time. I want your undivided attention.”

Copyright @ 2010 by Carly Carson. All rights reserved.


  1. Wow. *fans self*
    That was hot. Great story! Loved the way they didn't have names but their characterization is perfect!

  2. Thanks, Ella, I didn't know if that would work or just be annoying, but I kind of like to experiment on these things.

  3. I love that they didn't have names. It added to the story and to their meeting. Great story. Very hot. Steamy hot!

  4. Kendal, thanks for stopping by. I love to get feedback!

  5. OK, all I can saw is WOW. You've got a super, hot story here. You totally captured the wonderful conflict and gave us a demon we can really get into (or vice verse) by letting him perform a "good" deed, even though his motives weren't quite altruistic. Great description - loved the idea of his aroma as burning autumn leaves! Yumm!

  6. Thanks, Lise, and welcome to you and Kendal, my first 2 followers on my new blog!

  7. Great story. Saving a baby? I tell ya, the things a demon will do to get off, lol. I liked the names, or lack there of. A wild ride to say the least.

  8. Hi Scribereglyph,

    Thanks for the laugh. Demons are sneaky, huh? I hope to always give a surprise or two somewhere in the story.

  9. Nicely done Carly. Two very interesting characters and a unique setting!

  10. Thanks KJ. You see I can't decide bt. demons and angels in my writing. haha

  11. Whew! Sizzling hot, Carly! I enjoyed it!